From time to time, certain tasks will run automatically in one (or more) of the labs. These tasks range from Image deployment, to powering off the lab PCs for energy efficiency.

Any tasks that are schedule to run automatically will be listed here, by lab.

IB2133 (the CIT "Sandbox" lab):

  • Nightly, 11:00 PM, all desktop PCs will shutdown to conserve power.
  • 7:15AM, Monday, October 16 - all student desktops will be reimaged before the CIT2265 exam @ 8AM.

Please note:

When the task is about to start, this message SHOULD pop up:
If it does, you have 30 seconds to respond to it, or your PC will automatically shutdown. If you're not ready to leave yet, simply click on Abort. If you're leaving right away anyway, select Shut Down Now. If you stepped away for a few minutes and missed the message, your PC will automatically shut down when the countdown timer reaches 0.

If you missed the warning and your PC has powered off, feel free to turn it back on if you wish to continue working in the lab - just be sure to turn it off when you leave! :)

IB2111 and IB2131:

  • Nothing scheduled at the moment.